Waxed canvas fabric is

A canvas fabric with wax coated to make it durable. Have the quality to make the fabric hard When it is hot, the fabric becomes soft. When it is cold, the fabric will freeze. The coated fabric is like the old fabric is wrinkled. Due to the footprint of WAXED Coated on the cloth Make fabric durable and strong And is easily scratched from scratch But after using it for a while The marks will disappear back to normal. The more you use the fabric, the older it will be, more beautiful.

 ผ้าเคลือบWAX มีที่มาอย่างไร?

Waxed canvas fabric was used in the 1600s by fishermen or sailors. Discovered that taking fish oil or animal fat Come to paint at the sails Make the sails can catch the wind well And when these waxed fabric sails have expired Therefore being brushed into clothes to wear later Which is popular because it is a weather resistant suit When it becomes more popular The factory business began to produce pre-waxed fabrics, fabrics that no longer have to wait for sail-making fabrics. In the year 1900, people began to switch from oil to paraffin or a substance obtained from the extraction of petroleum. Its outstanding feature is waterproof and does not harden when fused with fabric fibers. Paraffin will not yellow over time. Different from the old oil coated cloth It is one of the reasons why people like to think that the sailor's clothes have a yellow tone.

Later, during the 1920s, the fashion industry used wax cloth widely. For outdoor clothing, hiking, hunting, which are mainly used to make tents. Jacket, coat, pants, bag
This is the origin of the fabric story WAXED CANVAS fabric that has been popular for hundreds of years.

1950s fishermen wearing wax coated cloth Because it is waterproof

Popular world war soldiers The fabric is coated with WAX because it is resistant to cold, sun and rain well

An old military tent that uses wax coated fabric.

Because it is waterproof, but there is a deterioration of WAX. Nowadays, there are other technologies that can be replaced, more modern and can stay. Longer than using natural WAX

The older the more beautiful

WAX marks that rub back and forth in use create a fade like jeans.



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