(waxed coat)

Brand : PHUMM



or newsboy caps, a classic short brimmed cap of British origin, dating back more than 400 years, the ICONIC of the working class men.
In the 14th century, in 1571, Queen Elizabeth I of England enacted a law requiring working-class men aged 6 and over to wear fur hats to stimulate the textile industry. We have seen from newspaper delivery boys, farmers, and men in labor wearing these hats .and when the law is repealed The unique shape of the hat is still popular among the elite. Used for playing sports such as horseback riding.
Make it popular until today's fashion industry. from celebrities and fashion styles to wear.

CANVAS fabric coated with Wax, 12 ounces thick (waterproof)

SIZE : Men's standard, around the hat 58-60 cm. There is an elastic back of the hat. hat.

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