A4 CLUTCH (navy)


embroider the name

Brand : PHUMM



Can be used with a large bag to keep small items organized. Able to load A4 paper

Inside has 100% COTTON camouflage lining and 1 side pocket.

And has a COTTON fabric strap For hanging or hook

Embroidered name +200 baht

- Material: Bag body, WAXED CANVAS fabric, thickness 18 ounces, waterproof.
- zipper: black steel teeth
- Size: 25 x 36 cm


In case of embroidering the name,Enter details at the note.
Or chat with staff click here > CHAT NOW
Embroidery can be delivered 5 days after payment.

 Product is not embroidered can change or return the product within 7 days.  Embroidered items cannot be exchanged or returned.

 This product price does not include import tax. (The tax rate depends on each country)

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