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MODEL : WEDEN  (tote & crossbody)

Two-function bag can be used both as a carry-on or a crossbody bag. LAPTOP size is 16 "inches.

Used for traveling, traveling to the provinces for 2-3 days

There are front pockets and back pockets that are easy to pass. Convenient to put into things or documents With zippered main pocket And increase durability with 2 layers of canvas fabric sandwiched at the bottom of the bag, making the bottom not bias and can support as much weight as 10 kilograms

Material: The bag is WAXED CANVAS, 18 ounces, waterproof, Vintage technique, using wax or wax coated on the fabric. It became popular in the 1920s as a sailor used to paint on sails and clothing to prevent water, wind and increase durability.

- Detachable and hidden strap, 100% cotton hook, genuine cowhide leather strap, brown color. Metal in black nickel

- Inside has 1 A5 size pocket

- Size: 16 x 36 x 34 cm.

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Embroidery can be delivered 5 days after payment.

 Product is not embroidered can change or return the product within 7 days.  Embroidered items cannot be exchanged or returned.  

 This product price does not include import tax. (The tax rate depends on each country)

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